Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Graduate Level Electricians Schools Ranking

When it comes to the field of electrical engineering, graduates from several schools are held in the highest regard.  There are a few such renowned schools as MIT, Stanford, and University of California – Berkeley, ranked in 2012 (accroding to U.S. News & World Report) as the top Three schools providing graduate degree level programs in Electrical Engineering.  (www.usnews.com)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been ranked as the Number 1 engineering school for the last 130 years.  The coursework focuses on life sciences, physical sciences and mathematics, as well as heavy inclusion in independent research and projects.  Students will learn how to analyze, design and experiment, and work with devices and circuits, communications, signal, and electrodynamics and bioelectrical engineering.  MIT offers graduate degrees in the form of Sc.D., Ph.D. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering.  Currently, graduate studies will cost approximates $36,000 per year.  Graduate enrollment in 2010 totaled 2700 students.  Graduate school admissions website:  http://web.mit.edu/admissions/graduate/

Stanford University has officially been ranked Number 2 by the US News & World Report graduate school ranking system for schools providing the best electrical and mechanical engineering as well as computer science.  However Stanford has adopted the Number 1 slot awarded by the National Research Council’s latest study for top post-graduate degree programs in electrical engineering.  Electrical Engineering graduate students are required to pass almost 24 months worth of credits in engineering science and design.  Graduate studies cost $38,400 annually.  Approximately 3400 students were enrolled in electrical engineering graduate programs in 2010.  More information on the Stanford Engineering Deparment can be found here:  http://soe.stanford.edu/

Computer science and electrical engineering are combined into one major at the University of California-Berkeley.  Students apply problem solving and analytical skills both technically and electrically.  Team building, tool utilization and development and communication skills are all employed to assist students in their studies.  Students can also study specialties, such as electronics, networks and systems, communications or computer science.  Joint majors are also offered with Materials Science and Nuclear Engineering.   There is no charge for tuition for residents of the State of California.  Graduate students applying from other states are charged $15,000 per year.  Graduates number almost 2000.  Information on graduate studies:  http://www.grad.berkeley.edu/

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