Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Electrician Schools Ratings & Rankings

Based on U.S. News & World Report (www.usnews.com) 2012 data, the following schools are ranked the top 3 schools in the nation for electricians.  These rankings are based on freshman retention rate and freshman incoming test scores. 

1.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT was established in Boston, Massachusetts in 1861. High school seniors admitted to MIT have a GPA of 3.9.  ACT test scores ranged from 30-36 for 80% of the incoming freshman, and SAT scores ranked from 1400-1600 for 60% of the incoming freshman.  Undergraduates number approximately 4000.

MIT’s Electrical Engineering department is the largest of any divisions at the school.  EECS offers three separate undergraduate specialized programs and also provides highly discriminating doctorate programs. Its mission is to “produce graduates who are capable of taking a leadership position in the broad aspects of electrical engineering and computer science”.  For more information on MIT’s Department of EECS:  http://www.eecs.mit.edu/

2.  Stanford University

Stanford University was established in 1891 in western California.  With an overall ranking of 5th of all universities in the nation, Stanford serves as a leader in both research and education.  Incoming freshman have an average high school GPA of 2.9.  ACT scores range from 30-36 for over 60% of high school seniors admitted, and over 60% receive SAT scores of 1400-1600.  Approximately 6500 undergraduate freshman are admitted each year.

Stanford’s Electrical Engineering Department prepares provides students with technical knowledge, laboratory and design skills, communications skills, as well as prepares their students for further study and professional development. Stanford’s EE Department has a mission that “augments the liberal education expected of all Stanford undergraduates and imparts a basic understanding of electrical engineering built on a foundation of physical science, mathematics, computing, and technology”. Find more details on Stanford University’s Engineering Department at:  http://ee.stanford.edu/

3. University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley ranks first nationally in the number of graduate programs in the top 10 in their fields. On the staff of the University of California Berkeley, there are a multitude of fellows and award winners, including Nobel, Pulitzer Prizes and MacArthur Fellows.  In 1869, the University of California first opened its doors, with its Berkeley campus beginning in 1873.  Its engineering program is ranked second overall in the nation.  The average GPA of an incoming freshman is 3.9.  SAT scores of over 40% of admitted high school seniors range from 1200-1299.  The student body of undergraduates is almost 23,000 annually.

U of C, Berkeley’s Department of Electrical Engineering combines computer science with electrical engineering to provide strong research and instructional programs.  EECS of Berkeley’s mission is to “educate the future leaders in academia, government, industry and entrepreneurial pursuit, through a rigorous curriculum of theory and application that develops the ability to solve problems, individually and in teams”.  To view additional details on EECS:   http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/

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