Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jobs & Career Pathways for Electricians

An overall growth in the electrical trade job market is expected over the next several years.  Those specializing in high tech jobs, such as voice, data or video will experience the greatest increase in demand. The current average wage for a licensed electrician is $23.20 per hour.  The overall range for an electrician’s salary, based on experience, location and industry, ranges from $17.61 through $30.71 per hour, according to BLS, 2010. 

These salary ranges may largely defined by the duties and responsibilities of the electrician, the level of experience and the state in which they work.  However, the overall responsibilities may cross over both industries and specializations.

Electricians, at a high level, are responsible for maintaining, assembling and installing electrical equipment and instruments.  They may need to understand and be able to use and apply a variety of hand tools and technical instruments. Certain types of electrical testing equipment may include voltmeters, ohmmeters and oscilloscopes.  Licensed electricians will also be required to ensure the safety of the devices connected to the testing equipment.

Whether working in commercial or residential buildings, electricians will need to have the ability to successfully identify and connect wires to circuit breakers.  They will also be responsible for inspecting electrical systems and appliances, based on state or local policies and regulations.

Additionally, journeymen electricians will prepare blueprints of wiring systems, and be required to read and interpret existing blueprints.  In the Information Technology industry, electricians may be asked to install coaxial or fiber optic cables, while working in a telecommunication department.

The following are the highest paying electrician jobs in the United States today, based on the United States Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook of 2010. http://www.bls.gov/oes/2010/may/oes472111.htm

1.  Motor vehicle and parts manufacturing electricians make the highest average income, at about $31.62 per hour.

2.  Electricians working for electric power generation, transmission and distribution industries currently average $27.88 per hour.

3.  Local government electricians average $26.62 per hour.

4.  Electricians in the Information Technology industry can average $24 per hour.

5.  Commercial building contractors will hire electricians at an average hourly rate of $24.07.

6.  Electricians hired by building equipment contracts will earn approximately $24.79 per hour.

7.  General electrical work, cross industry will earn about $19 per hour.

8.  Employment services industries pay licensed electricians about $18 per hour.

9.  Electricians in the heavy construction industry, (barring highway work), will earn up to $18 per hour.

10.  Electricians working for plumbing, heating and air conditioning companies average $17 per hour.

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