Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to Get Scholarships for Electrician Degrees

Paying for your education can sometimes be as challenging as obtaining the degree itself.  Fortunately, there are a variety of options available to either subsidize or pay for the entire cost of your education.  The first step in obtaining a scholarship is to determine what type of school you are going to attend.  Electricians can receive their education through either trade schools or accredited colleges, with trade schools providing Associates degrees or licenses, and colleges providing four year Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering.  Scholarships in your area, may only apply to one type of school, so assessing what’s available for the specific school you want to attend is very important.  

Depending upon where you live, state and local governments may provide scholarship assistance.  Next, determine both the cost of the school you wish to attend, and your current financial situation.  While some scholarships are based on your current financial ability to pay for your schooling, others will supply financial assistance in certain personal circumstances. The “Scholarship Help” organization will assist you with beginning your evaluation process, guide you through applications and interviews, and give you a good understanding of what to expect overall:  http://www.scholarshiphelp.org/

Scholarships available for trade schools include the Sallie Mae Unmet Need Scholarship for those with incomes under $30,000 per year, and Coca-Cola Two Year Collages Scholarship granted to high school seniors enrolling in trade schools.  There are many scholarships available for those who wish to attend college.  Investigate athletic and academic scholarship opportunities provided by the college you wish to attend, as well as monies provided by private institutions, such as corporations, your local church, and your local government.

You may feel inundated with all the information and scholarships presented.  Before applying, evaluate each.  By evaluating your chances of receiving the award, the effort necessary to go through the application and interview process, and the expected return, you’ll be sure that your efforts are focused on that which will give you the greatest return on investment.

Once you have narrowed down your list, the application and the interview are your next steps.  Plan to spend ten or more hours completing each scholarship application.  You’ll need to gather information, complete the application and write an essay of your qualifications.  Some general tips:  ensure there are no typos in any materials, do not use staples and use an envelope that will not require folding.  Remember, you are selling yourself, and you only get once chance.  Applications will be reviewed, and if felt you are a good fit, you’ll be asked for a personal interview.  Be professional, mature and above all, accurate in both the application and interview process.

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